BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON -- Off-Broadway and On Broadway
Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 09:45 am EDT 09/27/22
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I was lucky enough to see the original off-Broadway production at the Public in May, 2010. It was so funny and tuneful. Very irreverent, sort of a precursor to Hamilton and Six. I even re-visited it months later when it moved to the Jacobs in October. Quite a spectacular production with the theater lobby all decked out with Andrew Jackson paraphernalia. I love the OOBC album especially songs like "Populism Yea Yea" and "The Hunters of Kentucky". I just dug out the CD and will be listening to it today when I do my daily walk at the gym.

There has only been one local production since then that I am aware of. The now defunct Bailiwick Chicago mounted it in 2011. Unfortunately, the reviews were so bad, I decided not to see it. I didn't want to spoil my earlier experiences with the show by taking in a disappointing one.

BTW, you're not the only one who sings lyrics in her head. I do it all the time but especially when I'm undergoing a dental procedure like a tooth filling. Once when I was having a crown put in, I sang the entire first act of Show Boat in my head (with eyes closed, of course).

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