Ticket release question: Come From Away selling out on line, yet posting on TKTS app as available tonight.
Last Edit: Delvino 11:36 am EDT 09/27/22
Posted by: Delvino 11:35 am EDT 09/27/22

Savvy seat buyers, don't scold me for my ignorance, but: Come from Away has about 15 seats left for tonight and few for tomorrow at Telecharge. The only two $110 tickets were grabbed up while I was at the site. Only a half a row of premium orchestra seats remain. Yet my phone app for the TKTS booth says the Come From Away will have seats on the board tonight* and tomorrow in the $64-$102 window. Does this mean that the 8-10 premium seats will go on sale there? At a severe reduction? Or have TKTS seats already been pulled (that seems unlikely, this closing week.) It's baffling to me, a long time user of the Times Square board and TDF but less likely to use Telecharge in recent years.

*Does this mean "might be on the board" when it opens at 3? Surely they can't be certain at 11:00 a.m. about box office sales. Again, I'm not one to bounce between Telecharge and the board.

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