Oh no!
Posted by: peter3053 05:26 pm EDT 09/27/22
In reply to: and WHAT will they do about the outdated iambic pentameter?! (nm) - Chazwaza 04:21 pm EDT 09/27/22

Oh, God, no - not human nature on stage?!

In all its complexity, confusion, maliciousness and mercy, concupiscence, Machiavellianism, lust, greed, innocence, presumptuousness, pomposity, hunger, love, melancholy, purity, decency and diabolism, self-delusion and desire, tenderness, grief, yearning, mistakenness, insight, revenge and redemption?

And not in the most beautiful mixtures of sounds and decoration of language ever effected by the human race?

Stop it, cancel it, obliterate it!

Or embrace the life.

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