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What does it matter how often they're performed? Adam is wildly wealthy and has nothing to ever worry about. I'd trade a LOT to ever write anything as great, or with as passionate a fandom, as they people who love Floyd Collins or Piazza... OR The Last 5 Years or Parade.

And I count myself among big lovers of all 4.

But I think Adam has achieved a higher level of artistic success.

Talk to JRB... I'm sure he'll tell you he writes for love, art AND to pay bills. Adam doesn't need to do anything to pay bills.

And for what it's worth, I think Floyd gets done more than you'd think... colleges and ambitious local theaters love to do it. I've seen 3 productions of it that weren't in NYC. And there was recently 2 productions of Piazza in LA... a community theater, I guess or regional, and don't forget there was a recent *tour* starring world famous opera star Renee Flemming and TV star Dove Cameron (this production was the first time I'd ever seen her or heard of her, and she was excellent).

I have also seen several productions of Last 5 Years and several of Parade over the years. I think of JBR shows, L5Y and 13 bring in the money.

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