Is there anywhere where you can BID on rooms anymore?
Posted by: portenopete 10:05 am EDT 09/28/22
In reply to: London Hotel Recommendations? - downtownlw 08:01 pm EDT 09/27/22

One of the saddest things that the pandemic has wrought (at least for me) is the disappearance of the name your own price option on Priceline. I regularly found 3* and 4* hotels for as low as $75-100 per night. Sometimes they were a little far-flung (Docklands, Maida Vale, Greenwich) but they were always on a Tube or DLR line or a bus route into Central London and they were almost all terrifically clean and spacious, sometimes with amazing views (the Holiday Inn near Gloucester Road, the Marriott at Canary Wharf).

Maybe I am part of the problem since I began using Airbnb because I was staying for a week or a month and it seemed more practical to have a kitchen and a separate bedroom, but the name your own price bidding system seems gone. (Airbnb's site now seems geared for luxury travellers looking for an architectural curiosity or design gem rather than a clean and comfortable place to lay your head after a day at the theatre.)

Does anyone else do it?

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