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Yeah, I wasn't bothered at all by it... in fact, in an all-women cast concept for this show, I rather liked that it helped represent the female experience, and provided imagery for that... and maybe stood symbolically for a founding father being "pregnant" with this new nation, compared many times in one song to an egg ready to hatch. I do think I'd rather have seen John Adams be pregnant though, that would have followed that symbolism more.

While I had no issue with the actress playing Jefferson's pregnant belly, I did have an issue with Elizabeth A. Davis's lack of presence AS Jefferson. She had a powerful singing voice, which is unnecessary for the role, and which they created a show-off section for her to show off her voice in "The Egg", which half-way in they half-heartedly turned into a rock song where Jefferson got to wail. It didn't work for me, but it made more sense and was slightly more effective than the childish new arrangement of "But Mr. Adams".

I'm actually curious how the show would have played if Elizabeth A. Davis had played John Adam (while pregnant) and Crystal Lucas-Perry (who plays John Adams) play Jefferson.

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