"Funny Girl" Wednesday Matinee
Posted by: KingSpeed 01:18 am EDT 09/29/22

So it was the first time I had seen this production. It is so ridiculous Lea wasn't cast in this originally. And I mean going back to the Bartlett Sher revival. She is SO perfect for it. Everything she does- the singing, acting, dancing, comedy- is effortless. The entire show, I felt taken care of. There was no element of "Will she make it through this? Or will she hit that note?" She is completely built for the role. I think my favorite number was "The Greatest Star." I believed her and she sang sooooo well. When the song ended, I was thinking "when's the next song?" And I'm not saying that because there was something wrong with the dialogue scenes or the other people in the show. She just sounded that great. I've heard a lot of people say the show falls apart in the second act but I loved the drama of the second act. Everyone was good. What is up with Ramin's naked torso? It doesn't look real. It looks like mannequin in the Dahmer series on Netflix. Crazy. Finally, I want to give a special shoutout to Daniel Beeman! He has maybe the best tenor voice I've ever heard on Broadway. I was like "wait, wha?" Unbelievable voice that is also effortless. Bravo!

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