re: Bway demands your money NOW!
Posted by: FortPeck 11:25 am EDT 09/29/22
In reply to: Bway demands your money NOW! - Zelgo 09:33 am EDT 09/29/22

I agree it is disheartening. I don't live in NYC anymore, but I do have the resources and desire to hit Broadway hard when I'm in town. Recently, however, I am (like others) put off by the offerings: endless jukebox musicals, poor-quality original musicals, and disappointingly thin revivals. Plus the ridiculous prices and fees. I'm only buying for me and my 11yo, but I can't imagine taking a larger family at $200 a seat.

That erratic Paul Ford memoir (which I also enjoyed sporadically even as I was exasperated) ends with a heartfelt cri de couer about how he's done with Broadway. I'm not as sophisticated or experienced as he is, of course, but I found myself surprisingly in some agreement.

Next trip I think we will focus on theater tix off-Bway and at Juilliard or NYU. Where do you think the intelligent, beautiful, challenging original work is to be found? (NYC or elsewhere?)

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