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Posted by: Chazwaza 12:31 pm EDT 09/29/22
In reply to: 1776 Opens Tonight - kdbhwd 01:40 pm EDT 09/28/22

I also want to say, besides the comment I made below criticizing this production which I saw this week... that I don't think this *concept* is stupid, or the stupidest yet for a revival.

And since i took time to reply to your post today about the GMA performance that was taken down... I'm gonna post it here, because I'm sensing there will be more posts from you about this production. (If replying to that removed post with details of that post is not allowed, then I assume you'll remove this reply)

I have to say, the extremely dismissive and sexist-sounding words choices you make really just ends up invalidating your opinion here. And I'm saying this as someone who was sadly disappointing in almost all ways with this production... but not *because* the cast is women... and I don't want my valid and thoughtful criticism of this production, and many others criticism as far as i can gather, to be taken down as in the same vein as the kind that you're providing.

Yes, in some ways I felt like I was watching a college production... but to describe this cast as an "All Girls" "High School Drama Club" is even more reductive and dismissive than I'm comfortable with. And to describe them as shrill, of all things, and "crazed", shows either a lack of awareness of how overused and sexism-tied those descriptors are about women can be (let alone, women in roles traditionally associated with or thought to be only appropriate for men... be it in business or in a musical), or purposefully using them to add a layer of snark?

There are many criticisms to make of this production if one wants -- and on the flip side, i'm sure many people will love the production/cast or applaud things in it as triumphs that you, or I, or others, might have criticized -- but describing the women in the cast as shrill and crazed is not the way to effectively express them, nor is it going to convince anyone here that you have a thoughtful opinion of this production.

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