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I figured we'd see eye to eye on that.

And while i get what you mean, i still think an openly sexist (or at least, to give benefit of the doubt, "unaware of how sexist it sounds" post) on a musical from 1969 is a far cry from sanitizing Shakespeare for hyper (and I'd sometimes say absurdly, unwarrantedly) sensitive modern audience... my bigger issue with that idea is that I don't think it's being done for *audiences*, who can handle and think much more than a lot of producers and directors currently seem to think they can, and are tailoring work on the assumption, on the reaction, from what they think will be necessary for today. I find it demeaning. It's actually one of my issues with some of the direction of this 1776 (that moment in mid-act 2... I don't want to spoil for anyone).

But yes, there are subtly and sometimes openly sexist, or even racist, or even homophobic comments here and there and I don't mind calling them out, or at least giving the poster a chance to see how it reads that way.

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