Death of a Salesman
Posted by: WWriter 03:38 pm EDT 09/30/22

Never been a fan of the play. When I was in college, I took a semester on Arthur Miller and came out disliking his work, except for the Crucible. In comparison, I came out a semester of Ibsen admiring him tremendously.

But, hey, I graduated from college 46 years ago, and I've changed my mind about a lot of things over the years, so I figured, why not check out Death of a Salesman again? Plus the cast really intrigued me. I love Wendell Pierce. I've never seen Sharon Clarke in anything, but I've been impressed by clips of her work. And making the Lomans black seemed an excellent idea.

I left during intermission last night. I still don't like the play. But I also think that 90% of the directorial decisions worked against it. There was a stiltedness and almost blankness to it combined with a bunch of stuff that seemed to me to disrespect the play--and the audience. I may not like it, but it clearly deserves respect!

Andre De Shields brought his Hadestown performance (which I loved, in Hadestown). It was completely wrong here, IMHO, but it was alive.

I have no idea why this production was so well-received in England.

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