Cariou was brilliant as Prospero
Posted by: peter3053 11:08 pm EDT 09/30/22
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What can be an almighty anti-climax of a play, he sustained with an energy most actors in the role don't understand.

Cariou took to the heart the notion that, after 12 years, he finally, finally, has his chance at revenge ... he seeks it with a passion, so that his choice, to forgive, is an astounding and moving experience, a lesson in grace for humanity.

He manages to make the extended exposition scene at the start of the play into a dramatic experience too, desperate to explain to his daughter, so that she will not think badly of him. So often, this scene gets the play off to a lame start, which is then followed by a lot of running around the island by characters we dimly care about.

Cariou is having none of that!

A beautiful performance, one for the ages. (His Petruchio, also in Canada, is the funniest and richest I've seen, too.)

Canada's gift to Shakespeare, and to Sondheim.

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