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Posted by: keikekaze 06:00 pm EDT 10/01/22
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Well, it does make basic sense. "A feeling deep in your soul says you were half [before you found that "very special person"], now you're whole [now that you've found the VSP]. No more hunger and thirst [no more questing, searching, yearning, because you have now found what you were looking for]. But first, be a person who needs people [or else none of the above can happen]." That's the way I've always understood it, anyway.

True, if you're not "a person who needs people," then you wouldn't need any of the above to happen, but that's really over-thinking it. The lyric assumes that everyone in the audience is going to self-identify as "a person who needs people." It's sort of a lyric leftover from the Fifties, which were all about "togetherness," and conformity. Those assumptions may be outdated now, but I wouldn't say the lyric fails to make basic sense.

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