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I think it's Fanny realizing that she needs to connect completely with people, not just see them as stepping stones ... which won't satisfy ("hunger and thirst") the deepest emotional and spiritual needs.

None of the joys she imagines are possible if one doesn't "first" commit to this wholistic humanity.

And of course, the sadness is that the man she gives this commitment-of-self to, is not someone capable of the same depth of feeling for another person that she needs.

I read recently of some in the original creative team wanting to reject the song as having nothing to do with the character ... but it's the core of the character and the propulsion for the pain of the second part of her life.

And the "luckiest" part of the lyric is in character with Fanny - she imagines that once you admit to the need, rather than hiding it under bravado and spunk and quirks, it's like winning the lottery or the horse race or the biggest bet you could make!

The subtext, I think, is "people ... who admit they need people ... " But Fanny is an instinctual person, not a perfect grammarian.

Also, "light up like a light" is funny. Again, it captures a simplicity about the girl, a directness.

I remember Sondheim saying that in Porgy and Bess he would have written "Summertime / WHEN the living is easy... but he realized that "AND" is better for the character and the mood.

I think a lot of Fanny's songs have that appeal, that directness, that lack of verbal acuity ... and don't you think that everyone who ever heard "People" knows what she's saying even when she's not saying it with perfect precision?

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