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Posted by: JFly 10:50 am EDT 10/02/22

Reading the thread below about Man of La Mancha, where peter3053 mentioned the book "The Impossible Musical" (which, yes, I ordered right away), got me thinking about how much I enjoy that particular sub-genre of theater books: the ones about the creation, or production, of a single show.

I'm not talking about Hal Prince's "A Sense of Occasion," or Kander & Ebb's "Colored Lights," or "Sondheim & Co." (Although those are all great and worth checking out) Nor do I mean coffee table-esque books for "Wicked," or "Moulin Rouge." (No shade, those are fun too)

I'm talking about books that focus on one show, their development and journey to the stage. I tend to devour books like these, even if I've never seen the show that they're about.

I checked my bookshelf to see which ones I've got. But I'm sure there are many more out there that I'm either forgetting or don't know about.

Diary of a Mad Playwright (Legends)
Putting It Together (Sunday in the Park with George)
Everything Was Possible (Follies)
But He Doesn't Know the Territory (The Music Man)
The Whorehouse Papers (Best Little Whorehouse in Texas)
Making It Big (Big)
The Seesaw Log (Two For the Seesaw)
Song of the Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark)
Tell Me More, Tell Me More when (Grease)

A Chorus Line is almost it's own genre within the genre with:
On the Line
The Longest Line
A Chorus Line FAQ

What are some other examples? I'm sure I'm not the only person on this board who'd love to check out what else is out there!

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