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It was my first Broadway show ever. My sister and I saw it on Friday, August 9, 1974. How do I remember the day? Because the newspaper trick Doug Henning did included an "average ordinary everyday newspaper" in it, which was the NY Times with a half page headline which read "NIXON RESIGNS". The audience roared with laughter and applause before he even continued with the illusion. I really loved the show. We went right out and bought the original cast album (which included its own magic trick, the Hexaflexagon, which I played with for years and kept in my box of special treasures). Even though I was only eleven, I remember that Zabar's must be its own magical place because in the song "West End Avenue" it rhymed with gay bars. And the cast was wonderful. David Ogden Stiers was such a nasty villain! And Anita Morris! Oh, she didn't have much to do, but boy was she magnetic. Of course, I had crushes on both Dale Soules and Doug Henning. The end of the show had me crying openly, something I didn't do before that. That night began my love affair with musicals. After the show, we waited at the stage door for Doug Henning. He was very kind - all smiles - and he signed my program "Magically yours, Doug Henning". I still have it, 48 years later.

Thanks for bringing back these memories for me, bobby2.

John in Minneapolis
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