TITANIC -- At Milwaukee Repertory on Saturday Afternoon -- A Unique Experience & Must-See Show (Big Spoiler Included)
Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 11:42 am EDT 10/03/22

My partner and I drove up to Milwaukee Saturday afternoon to see this magnificent production of the Stone-Yeston musical Titanic. Incredible experience from beginning to end. The Milwaukee Rep lobby is decked out with a number of exhibits with photos, newspaper clippings, and displays of the ship, passengers, and the voyage.

Every ticket holder is issued a boarding pass with the name of one of the ship's original passengers. When scanned on a screen in one of the displays, the holder finds out if he will survive the voyage or perish. Besides the usual playbill, there are complimentary souvenir programs available for all.

The production is beautifully acted and sung, the ensemble numbers thrillingly performed. The set is massive, rivaling the original Broadway one. The costumes are especially striking. This is the 2012 revised version so Lady Caroline's two songs have been restored and they are quite beautiful. I also noticed additional dialogue in the final scene where some of the cast relate details about the fortunate survivors.

BTW, the souvenir program includes information about a few of the crew members and their fate which is not made clear in the show itself. Fred Barrett (the stoker) after yielding his lifeboat seat to Jim Farrell was subsequently assigned to another one as a rower and survived the sinking. In addition, Henry Etches (the steward), Fred Fleet (the lookout), and Harold Bride (wireless officer) were survivors.

The production runs through Oct. 23 and is highly recommended. It's only an hour and a half drive from Chicago.

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