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Posted by: GavinLogan1 03:04 pm EDT 10/03/22
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Interesting. I love her voice.

Also-- it's no more "punk rock" than the original. At all.

I think she's actually much better than Carrie Hope Fletcher, who has a definite tendency to scream the ends of songs, and whose placement is often grating.

I like this singer's approach.

I teach Musical Theatre to grade 10--12 students. Last year we did a few selections from "Cinderella" for our class, and the students were about 80% loving it. Many complained that they didn't like the title song, but loved the score otherwise. When I pressed them as to why, they felt that the 'punk rock' style of the verses and bridge was not in keeping with the more musical theatre-ish feel of the chorus. I thought that an interesting observation...

Then today, I played this new version for many of them (the returning ones) and they LOVED it. They felt this was better, and they enjoyed how she wasn't too strident on the chorus.

Either way, most of the younger people I work with love the show, and today one of the said this new single was "giving SIX vibes".

I'm not so sure ALW is 'out of touch'.

Time will tell.

It's no secret I love this one-- but I'm also interested in why people don't, and hopefully there will be improvements made.

I'm hoping to fly myself and my two daughters (ages 9 and 6) to see it, as they are even more obsessed with it than I am... and if you think it's easy to capture and hold the interest of kids at that age, you're wrong! :)

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