If only they will do a Lea Michele recording ...
Posted by: peter3053 04:16 pm EDT 10/03/22

... it could be the biggest Broadway musical CD and online money-spinner in years. A license to print money, I would suspect, given the reviews and word of mouth.

It could be the perfect recording of Funny Girl, having more time available on the album compared to when the original and great LP was done in the 60s.

But would they enhance the orchestra for recording as the old Broadway albums used regularly to do, based on the principle that without lights, costumes and action, when sound is all you perceive, you need to have it boosted to return to the original effect you had in the theater?

It would be disappointing to start such a recording with a thin version of the second greatest overture in Broadway history.

And not deserving of the quality of the lead performer and wonderfully gifted cast around her whose work would be heard across the rest of the album.

We can only hope that wisdom triumphs!

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