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Posted by: winters 08:25 am EDT 10/05/22
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I was sitting on my stool in the pits for the delightful 1974 'Candide'.
Mark Baker was trudging through the pits, when he paused to sing 'It Must Be So'. A spotlight illuminated just Baker and me as he sang that song....to me. How do I know it was to me? In class the following day a student I did not know came over to me to tell me that she was at the same performance. She witnessed the serenade that I received.

Fast forward to the, a bit less delightful, 1997 'Candide'. I was sitting in a more traditional orchestra seat, but my row had more room than normal between my row and the one in front. Jason Danielly pauses in front of me. A spotlight illuminates the two of us as he sings 'It Must Be So' to me.

I'm convinced that the cosmos is trying to send me a message. I have no idea what it could be.

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