Funny Girl last night
Posted by: Puttiboy75 09:28 am EDT 10/05/22

Saw Funny Girl again. This time with Lea, last time with Julie.
Tovah was out. Why do they have Irish looking women playing Rosie Brice??
Anyway, Lea was phenominal. Two midshow standing ovations. They made some changes from before which I don't feel are great. She sings part of Who Are you Now in the opening. They have added all kinds of notes and Riffs for Nicky in Temporary Arrangement obviously to show off his voice but it is overdone.
Lea makes the show work better but IN MY OPINION, the Direction is still terrible. They throw laugh lines away, constant back to the audience staging, and bad musical staging. The show suffers from cheapness although it appears the Orchestra sounds fuller. This show needs big production values and a better set. Don't understand how the same Director from the show in England actually made (changed) staging and made bad choices. Areally good Director probably needs a week to straighten out some staging to make it great and make the rest of the production shine like Lea does. She turns the show 180 degrees to the better. What a voice and presence.

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