A 'Tru' tribute to Mark Baker
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Thanks for sharing your memory of seeing Mark Baker in ''Candide.'' What a shame he didn't get to shine on Broadway more.

In Googling about him, I found out that in 2015, only a few years before he passed away, Baker starred in ''Tru,'' the one-man show about Truman Capote, at the Embassy Theatre in Cumberland, Md. ... Shane Riggs of Allegany Magazine gave Baker's a rave review about his tour de force: ''For two hours, we see Capote and forget Baker. ... That is both the blessing and the curse of being a gifted thespian.'' Riggs then lovingly saluted Baker's ''astounding acting resume,'' cited his credits and called Baker a forgotten Broadway actor who deserved to be seen and remembered.

It's a beautifully written tribute to Baker, who also revived a local theater for live shows, and I can only hope Baker got to read this.
Link Facebook: Mark Baker Shines in 'Tru' (from Allegany Magazine)

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