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Jenny is 15 at the end of the show, when she pleads with Alex to be with her. Although he does let her down and her mother comforts her, the crush is not one way. There is a lyric where Alex sings "I love her and I must not love her". And later when he is letting her down he says "if my body really ruled me then we both know all too well, you'd end up with a lover locked inside a prison cell". Unless there is another interpretation, I always took that to mean that if he followed his body/desire (that he wants Jenny) rather than his ming/logic (that says he can't be with Jenny), then he'd go to jail for having sex with a minor.

Still, although I am not condoning a romance between a 15 year old and a 32 year old (roughly), it is somehow not portrayed that he is a pedophile, or lecherous, which might be why you have a more innocent memory of it. This may be because of the time and place, as others have noted, a product of the bohemian lifestyles of the Bloomsbury group where an attraction like this was not viewed in the same way it would be viewed today. And of course he DOES reject her, he does not act on whatever feelings he has. Then I guess the question is are we supposed to think he's terrible because he HAS the feelings at all? The musical doesn't really explore this. I read the novel LONG ago and can't remember how it was portrayed.

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