I genuinely don’t understand this line of thinking. Another idea:
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“ I think the Tony Awards and other theatre awards organizations will soon drop/ rename the gender specific categories. Maybe this season. ” For one thing, if it was going to happen this season, one which promises to be the most packed, exciting, and diverse in years, they surely would have already announced it.

Because the bigger problem is, in the end, no currently proposed idea will please anyone. Why would they diminish the number of acting categories from, in this case one supposes, 8 to 4, reducing the number of nominees from 40 to 20? And even if they allow 10 nominees in each category, for a total of 40 acting nominees, there would still only be a smaller number of 4 winners.

Then of course, naturally and understandably, just after progress has barely BEGUN to be made with more representation among nominees and winners (3 of this year’s 8 Tony acting winners being people of color, and many prognosticators thinking there’s a chance that this year, for the first time ever, the Oscars could have 3 Black women nominated in the leading actress category) - if the number and proportion of winners were to swing back in favor of White people, or worse, straight white men - if, let’s say, 2 of the 4 acting awards go to cis white men, possibly only one 1 to a POC, and none to anyone identifying as non-binary - there would only be even more complaints than there are now. Especially at a moment when the Supreme Court seems poised to do away with affirmative action laws. So with that very real possibility as an outcome, my feeling is that aside from a vague, amorphous moral victory, a lot of people would have lost something and no one will really have gained.

It seems to me the best solution is not to take away awards or combine categories, but to add MORE — i.e., have the actor categories, the actress categories, and then add 2 or 4 more acting categories for non-binary performers; to be clear, not as some token affair for “performers in a non-binary role”, for the (currently) all-too-rare occasions those come along…. but genuinely inclusive new categories for performers who identify as transgender or non-binary. Unless I’m missing something (entirely possible) and that decision would make people who fall into those categories feel even more marginalized, rather than included and empowered, it strikes me that might be the best solution to still celebrate the maximum number of performances while also adjusting to our rapidly and happily changing world.

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