Ovrtur Addition for Hello, Dolly! 1st National Tour?
Posted by: portenopete 06:52 pm EST 11/08/22

I'm looking at a programme on Ebay for the first (I think) engagement in Toronto for the national tour of Hello, Dolly! at the O'Keefe Centre with Mary Martin in the title role.

I noticed that on Ovrtur there is no mention of a Toronto date for this tour (I think the third tour is noted sometime around 1967?).

The dates listed in this programme are June 29th-July 17th, 1965 between the noted Cincinnati and Vancouver engagements. (Presumably there was one other engagement between July 17 and the Vancouver opening on August 5th, although that may have been a vacation for the company while the sets headed west in a truck?)

I'm hoping AlanScott takes this for what is intended: a chance to mull over the delightful minutiae of Broadway lore :).

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