re: Parade: Old Red Hills of Home?
Posted by: Ncassidine 02:02 pm EST 11/09/22
In reply to: Parade: Old Red Hills of Home? - ntjvy 01:51 pm EST 11/09/22

I mean, the finale sort of works in a few parts -- but remember, we are back where we started, on Confederate Memorial Day again.

1. The flashback to the scene between Mary and Leo, where now we hear that she wishes him a Happy Memorial Day.
2. Frankie is now going off to fight in World War I, in a very different landscape that the original soldier was going off to fight the Civil War.
3. We know that Lucille isn't going to New York. She's staying in Georgia. She's a southerner, and this is her home.

I think what Jason Robert Brown is getting at is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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