re: Is "Parade"moving to Broadway?
Posted by: EvFoDr 08:14 am EST 11/10/22
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A few thoughts. Parade won its Tony awards after it closed so winning them was not going to contirbute to its hit/flop status. I do think...much as I hate this cliche...that the show was ahead of its time and the combination of the revisions, and unfortunately the current state of society and the world, make it vital and timely in a way that I don't think was felt in 98/99. Also, let's not romanticize the past. The original production, which I saw, was not that good, despite some sensational performances. It was one of the ugliest shows (physical production) I have ever seen, and Hal Prince always said that he couldn't figure out how a show should look it was hard for him to make it all work (see Merrily). That said, it still doesn't seem very commercial for a Broadway transfer, but I would be thrilled if someone wanted to do it anyway. There have been plenty of shows with the right combination of wealthy investors/producers who wanted to make them happen despite their questionable commercial appeal. I think there also seems to be an appetite for hearing scores in all their glory. First Into the Woods, and now this. I would be thrilled if the next trend is musicals (old and new) that deliver a richer musical experience, even if that means spending less money on the sets and costumes.

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