re: “Dancin’” revival takes the Music Box in March
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I can't speak to professional reviews. I did catch it at the Old Globe and was, largely, disappointed. I found most of the dancing... competent. And the whole affair surprisingly dated and stale. I'm too young to have seen any of Fosse's original productions during his lifetime (including Dancin'), but consider myself a fan. And, I enjoyed the 1999 FOSSE production on Broadway.

Judging by comments Wayne Cilento made in an interview in the program, he took a somewhat hands off approach to his direction of the ensemble. I think the intention was to let their personalities and individuality shine through (which, sounds lovely and was no doubt well intentioned,) but I have to wonder if that contributed to sometimes surprisingly sloppy or uninspired dancing from, if I recall correctly, what was a very young, green cast.

The attempts to update what I assume were fairly dated elements of the book or individual concepts fell kind of flat. With the exception of a few rare bright moments, the whole thing felt like cruise ship entertainment from the early 90s.

Interestingly, the Old Globe seems to have scrubbed YouTube of a few production numbers they'd previously posted. Perhaps that's a sign that the producers recognized these limitations and are working on improving (and, hopefully, recasting) for Broadway?

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