re: “Dancin’” revival takes the Music Box in March
Posted by: MikeP 11:33 am EST 11/10/22
In reply to: re: “Dancin’” revival takes the Music Box in March - DistantDrumming 09:39 am EST 11/10/22

The fact that this is coming to Broadway is surprising. The out of town reviews were less than great. In addition, "Fosse dancers" (other than Cilento) have commented that the show did not represent the intent, motivation and style of Fosse and that it was mostly loud.

I am a huge Fosse fan. I saw the original. In the years just prior to Dancin we had seen Pippin and Chicago on Broadway. So, we may be have been a bit Fosse'd out. The original had some magnificent dances, dancers and moments. But it also had filler. There was a good deal of this is nice...lets move on. Much of what was fantastic in Dancin was captured in Fosse. Specifically "Sing, Sing, Sing.

Even a Fosse reproduction is better than most of what we have on Broadway now. Hope its a success!

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