re: “Dancin’” revival takes the Music Box in March
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A lot of Fosse's best numbers were created for his star/wife Gwen Verdon, yet the original DANCIN' and FOSSE didn't put any of her numbers in these shows. Very strange to think they wouldn't be great showcases for a present day triple threat dancer, because even with Gwen's incredible originals, there have been countless revivals of DAMN YANKEES, SWEET CHARITY and CHICAGO, the last of which is still going strong on Broadway (and includes Fosse's original "Hot Honey Rag" - at least with his choreography when the Roxie and Velmas cast can do it). Plus just a few clips of Gwen survive on video with Fosse's choreography in REDHEAD and NEW GIRL IN TOWN, so it would be great to see them recreated, if they can. Frankly, I found some of Fosse's numbers chosen for both his dance anthology shows to be kind of relentless and too much of the same thing after a while, with a few highlights therein. I think they work better, unless better programmed, in book shows where it's not just non-stop choreography. The company American Dance Machine, which as of late performs at the Joyce Theater, I think programs many times better, more varied and enjoyable kinds of performances from various great Broadway choreographers.

I'd love to see more from the works of Jack Cole -- who Verdon was assistant to and who influenced Fosse greatly, along with Michael Kidd, Michael Bennett, Tommy Tune, Gower Champion, Agnes DeMille, Danny Daniels and Onna White's choreography as well, among others. Perhaps a 2 or 3 act show with an act devoted to each of 2 or 3 of the above? I enjoy Fosse's work, too, but these others did fantastic work that should be remembered as well.

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