re: Is "Parade"moving to Broadway?
Posted by: AlanScott 03:38 pm EST 11/10/22
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Prince does not seem to have had trouble figuring out how it should look, or at least he didn't say that he had trouble in Sense of Occasion. I think the only show he ever said that about was Merrily. And even there he did have a visual concept, but he was afraid to go with it.

Back to Parade: It seems like perhaps he came to feel that the tree was a mistake. He quoted his wife: "You walk into a theatre, and there's a huge tree, and you're going to see a musical about a man who was unjustly hanged. So for the balance of the evening, you look at that tree knowing he'll be hanging from it!"

Prince quoting that follows not too long after Prince saying that he insisted on Brown writing "This Is Not Over Yet" so that Leo would have a moment of hope and exultation before everything came crashing down.

So, yeah, the tree was perhaps a mistake. Perhaps it should have been there at the beginning but then should have disappeared until it finally came back.

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