re: Is "Parade"moving to Broadway?
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That is precisely what I thought was brilliant about the tree. And so dramatically and visually effective, on so many levels. The beauty, the history rooted, the nature, the foreshadowing, the heartbreaking inevitability. As a throughline from the past and present and to the future (the tree lives before during and after all of these generations of hate and politics), as a metaphor, meaning nothing but an old tree and meaning much more at the same time. I think it's a mistake to take the tree out of the show. But perhaps you're right that having it there at the beginning and back at the end would have worked.

But I don't get what doesn't work about it being there the whole time. I don't get why having the audience always aware of it is a bad thing. Should Titanic not be set on the ship because people will be focused on it the whole time, knowing what happened to it? It's not like Prince had set pieces fly in and out on a noose that hung above the set the whole show.

Also, while we're talking set... in all productions since the original, I have also missed the presence of the factory... and of the *parade*. Like the tree itself, the parade itself symbolized and gave visual representation to so many things that are deeply threaded into and intrinsic to the show and how it seems crafted and intended. There's only so much that the ensemble looking off and miming being at a parade can do. I don't think the show is doomed without these elements but I think it helped.

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