re: “Dancin’” revival takes the Music Box in March
Posted by: Chromolume 05:04 pm EST 11/10/22
In reply to: re: “Dancin’” revival takes the Music Box in March - MikeP 11:33 am EST 11/10/22

It seems to me that neither Dancin' (which I did not see originally) nor Big Deal (which I did, albeit unfortunately, see, in its Boston tryout) were anywhere near Fosse's heyday, which really ended stage-wise with Chicago and then continued on film with All That Jazz.. I'm also not sure who this revival is supposed to be aimed at - I would say that although I didn't think "Fosse" (the revue) was a truly stellar property either (for reasons already mentioned - the sameness of the material given the revue format, etc), THAT seems like the recognizable property that might conceivably bring audiences in again. Why are they reviving - and really rewriting - Dancin'? Is this more of an emotional gesture on Cilento's part? Understandable perhaps, but can that really sell tickets?

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