re: Is "Parade"moving to Broadway?
Posted by: EvFoDr 05:49 pm EST 11/10/22
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I must admit, as the poster who introduced the idea of ugly set to this thread, that the biggest reason I didn't like the staging was because of the thrust at the Beaumont. I thought the tree was fine, if a bit literal, and I honestly forgot about it for long periods while focused on other action. But I really really disliked the way that people and set pieces kept moving up and down out of the floor. I don't know why this bothered me so much. I've always wanted to see a proscenium production, but I have never seen a production since the original.

But aside from the set, my point was really to remind that the original had reasons it was not popular or successful. I think the physical production was one. I also think, as a person who heard the score for the first time in performance prior to the release of the OBCR, it just didn't grab me the first time, until from about This Is Not Over Yet to the end. After exploring the recording in depth I grew to love and appreciate it more. And that time and familiarity no doubt colors the present, well deserved, positive reception of the Encores production.

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