re: Is "Parade"moving to Broadway?
Posted by: AlanScott 06:07 pm EST 11/10/22
In reply to: re: Is "Parade"moving to Broadway? - EvFoDr 05:49 pm EST 11/10/22

A big reason why I liked it — probably the biggest reason — was that the score grabbed me from the first bars. There are some things that I don't especially like, including "All the Wasted Time," but I think the score is generally excellent and sometimes even thrilling, and it affected me strongly on a first hearing, which was in the theatre. I do wish there weren't a few anachronisms in the lyrics. And those were glaring ones, ones I noticed on that first hearing. But I admire the score greatly. And lots of period shows, including plays, contain anachronisms in the script and/or score.

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