Great show but maybe needs relief
Posted by: peter3053 07:22 pm EST 11/10/22
In reply to: re: ???? - Chazwaza 01:55 pm EST 11/10/22

I always felt, having seen the original, that the relentlessness of the show made it difficult to take.

By which I mean, most Prince shows have light and shade - Mrs Lovett in Todd, the musical sequences in Kiss of the Spiderwoman, the Follies numbers in Follies, the vaudeville numbers in Company, the early MC numbers in Cabaret (even though he eventually adds to the horror) ... etc. Moments when the audience can enjoy themselves and restore energy for the drama.

Parade was all shade. Nothing inherently wrong in that - it was as bold as they come.

But difficult for audiences to enthuse to others about, so word of mouth might always be a problem for a powerful show like Parade.

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