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Posted by: Chazwaza 08:21 pm EST 11/10/22
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I'm a bit confused by what you mean. Are you saying you felt it wasn't good because it had a different angle on the same sort of corruption? Isn't that what the show is made up of... various elements at play in how a murder and court case play out, each finding their way to corruption and combining for an unstoppable tragedy of injustice? The media is a huge element at play in any crime case and trial. And the way it plays into the anti-semitism, and the lives of the accused and their family, and in the minds of the people in the community, etc.
So it seems to me the point was to show it from this different angle. It's not as if the show doesn't do that anymore... it just doesn't do it as well, if you ask me. And if gives far too much time now to Tom Watson's element, without there being any lightness or fun or much in the way of backstory. Which I think is provided more for Craig in "Big News"... maybe not about him, but a view into his situation, making him relatable, and a relatable part of the community before he becomes part of the snowball effect of it all.

I don't know why it would need to have the kind of twisted "show biz numbah" take that songs you reference in other Prince shows have... it's not a show that uses showbiz or entertainment tropes or that vernacular as part of the metaphor or message really. And I think Michael Arden wanted it to and so staged it that way in this production and it was bizarre and out of place and confusing. I think "Big News" is a fun character song, the kind JRB does so well, introducing a character and who they are/what their perspective is... and to me it changed the tone of the show at a necessary point, and laid the groundwork for a reporter we knew, could relate to and get their perspective/motivation... and then watch as it became corrupted to a point far beyond "local newsman gets scoop of the year!" I think so much of what this show is about outside of the specific tragedy of Leo Frank is in that section, and is lost in the cutting of it. But maybe I'm putting more on it than there was. I haven't seen it in the show since 1998... but I can tell you that what I'm claiming it did for the show is very notably missed and lacking in the several productions I've seen since it was cut.

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