MJ The Musical - Discussion on tickets
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I must be the most naïve person in the world, but why are the exact same tickets available for purchase on Stub Hub and Seat Geek? Is this someone (a broker) putting the same tickets in as many places as possible for resale? What is astonishing to me is when you research how many tickets are available through the Ticketmaster website (retail rate) and how many are available through reselling (huge markup), its like the ticket scalping system just found a new way around NY State laws. I calculated how many tickets are available on Tuesday night via retail and resell and if none of the tickets are sold, the theatre will be 1/2 empty! Wow! I've never seen the show up at TKTS or available on TDF. The producers are doing an amazing job of creating the myth this is a hit show. Ticket avail (if you're willing to pay a huge markup) is plentiful.
So what happens on Tuesday if none of these tickets are sold?
Has anyone seen the show in the past week and can speak to actual capacity of attendance?
Also, what is up with all of the obstructed view seats???

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