dark musicals that don't let up
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Yeah I think it stays afloat as compelling entertainment that isn't just relentlessly upsetting, like many dark shows do that don't do "up" numbers, with a constant momentum of the story, and some dialogue that gets laughs (there is actually a good amount of dialogue that gets laughs).

LaChiusa's musical Bernarda Alba is a great example of this ... a very dark show without "comedy", but it is extremely taut, tense and passionate and never stops moving and never lets up on the beautiful combo of passionate longing and tense marching on toward the tragic end.

I also adore Passion, which doesn't have comedy and doesn't have quite the momentum ... and I would say, as a musical, is far less "entertaining" than Parade - the score of Passion is more dense and less accessible than Parade, in my assessment... I think the average person would find MUCH more to enjoy and latch onto musically in the songs of Parade than Passion. Funny though that Passion ended up running like 3 times as long on broadway (in a commercial run), and won Best Musical... and while it won largely because of the Disney backlash, it still won against B&TB... Parade lost to a revue. But a popular and acclaimed and exciting revue, and I detailed in another post here why I think Parade had little chance of winning (most notably having closed 3 months before the Tonys, with a tiny run, and the scandal of its main investor killing the chances of a transfer etc). But still interesting.

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