re: "I wouldn't have expected Edwina/Amanda to be terribly enlightened"
Posted by: Dale 05:29 pm EST 11/12/22
In reply to: thanks - comedywest 03:46 pm EST 11/12/22

Back then it wasn't so much not being enlightened but nobody thought of NOT using the N word! My Grandmother in Missouri would use it but as a matter of fact. This was the mid 1960's, too. Me: "Grandma, you can't use that word!". Grandma: "But it's what they're called". Thankfully most of that nonsense is dying off now!
By accident I integrated a play my senior year of high school in 1970 when working on the sound for "A Handful Of Rainbows" ( a dumb comedy set in a Hollywood boarding house ). In a scene a boarder named Honey Houston beats off a masher at the door with her purse containing a horse shoe ( this wasn't Neil Simon ) and with a dark gal playing Honey it was the stage manager Early Boyd's dark hands playing the masher. Last night of performance Early didn't feel like doing that bit so I took over not thinking why Early had the chore! Our drama teacher wasn't happy but nothing came of it! By the way decades later Early would be working for Des McAnuff on "The Who's Tommy"!

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