Sarah Ruhl's "Becky Nurse Of Salem"
Posted by: Dale 06:46 pm EST 11/12/22

Not a fan of Ruhl's work: "Eurydice" ( Big Stone, Little Stone, Loud Stone, really? ), "For Peter Pan..." ( was nice seeing Kathleen Chalfant ) or "In The Next Room...", so I happily found myself enjoying the 1st Act! For a show early in previews it was flawless. Taking place on Riccardo Hernández' handsome wooden set for a Salem Witch Museum aided with fun lighting by Barbara Samuels I had to think " All this lovely work for a limited engagement?". After seeing her Tony Award winning work in "Dana H." it was nice hearing Deirdre O'Connell's voice and she gives 100% with a huge plus that she and co-star Bernard White have a nice chemistry. Candy Buckley was a scream as a witch!
Didn't feel the 2nd Act matched the energy and direction the 1st Act had but glad I attended this play.
SPOILER ALERT: I do mean spoiler... there is a bonnet-ed wax figure from "The Crucible' in the middle of the stage before the start of the show and I thought it was a real person ( was checking out names of elderly actors in the cast list in PLAYBILL ). I have been to a few shows where someone is on stage while the audience enters ( Jayne Houdyshell did in in Lisa Kron's "Well" and the whole cast of "Indecent" with sand up their sleeves! ). When she was wheeled away, displaying that her hands behind her back were tied, away I had to giggle that I had been fooled.

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