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Posted by: WWriter 11:27 pm EST 11/14/22
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In the 70s, there was a point where Boy Meets Girl overlapped with Boy Meets Boy. I was once at BMB with an audience of older people who thought they had bought TKTS tix for BMG. It's hard to explain nowadays just how shocked they were at this very sweet, very gay show.

At one point, a man in back of me pointed at my (also very gay) male friend, who was having a great time, and said, sans judgment, "He's certainly enjoying it."

At which point his wife said, quite judgmentally, "Well, he's one of them!"

Which caused my friend and I and a chunk of the audience to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. It's hard to explain the giddiness we felt at being on our own (rare, small, SAFE) turf.

It was as though we said to her, "You have no power here."

Yes, they left at intermission

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