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Posted by: AlanScott 01:19 am EST 11/15/22
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That is very funny about Follies.

Re the Cherry Orchard comment: That is a sort of funny thing to say, if those were the very words she used, but I don't think it's a misunderstanding of the play. It's not the main thing I take away from it, but I'm not sure it's wrong if someone takes that most of all away from it. I think Chekhov does lament the needless destruction of beauty. He also sees it as inevitable, at least in this case. But think of Astrov. He is not so admirable a person in some ways, but he certainly gives us Chekhov's own point of view on the destruction of forests.

I think of Cherry Orchard as being first of all about the foibles of human beings. Characters in Chekhov are always searching for the meaning of life, for what can give meaning to their lives, but their inability or unwillingness to stop the destruction of nature is, we might say, the objective correlative here. It happens because of their foibles.

The play is not a lament for a lost (or disappearing) way of life, but I think it's valid to say that it's at least partly a lament for the needless destruction of nature, which in this case is beautiful but at least somewhat useless. So it's a bit complex.

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