At Sex and Longing
Posted by: AlanScott 05:31 pm EST 11/15/22
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In Christopher Durange's Sex and Longing, the character played by Sigourney Weaver in the original production is a sex addict. She picks up a man who tries to murder her. He doesn't succeed but his attack leaves her paraplegic and so she is confined to a wheelchair.

In the last scene, this man returns, dressed as Jesus Christ and and I think speaking as if he were Jesus Christ, a sort of creepy and vengeful Jesus Christ. I can't remember if at first this seems like it may be a hallucination of the character played by Sigourney Weaver, but it certainly was quickly clear to almost everyone in the audience that this was the same man who had tried to kill Weaver's character earlier and that at a certain point in the scene he was going to attempt to murder her again and he would succeed.

IIRC, the scene lasts perhaps around five minutes. Within a minute at most, I think, it was clear that this was the same man, etc. But there was a little old lady seated near the back of the orchestra. It wasn't till a good ways into the scene that she got it. At which point she blurted out, very upset, in a voice that she probably didn't intend to be as loud as it was, "It's the same man!"

Well, this was heard by much of the audience in the rear orchestra, and we all started giggling, trying not to laugh too loudly as this scene was definitely not meant to be funny. I don't know if the actors heard the lady or if they heard us giggling, but I think they must have heard the giggling. If they did hear it but they didn't hear the lady, it must have been upsetting and disturbing to them that there was giggling in the audience. The play had opened to extremely negative reviews and I felt for them. I think most everyone in the audience felt for them, but the little old lady's exclamation was just too funny and also sort of adorable. She must have been very involved in the play because she was so upset.

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