re: the best lobby fight/comeback at a show
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I remember years ago heading into the lobby during the break of "Jerome Robbins' Broadway" and a few feet and a few people in front of me this older bird-like looking woman, looking a bit like Billie Bird with strange hair from "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" collided with an extremely good-looking, young blond guy. She acted as though he was at fault, but she was in fact not looking where she was going. He said (but not too pungently),"Why don't you look where you're going?" To which she replied, in a loud, nasty and accusatory manner, "Gay!!!!" The guy looked a bit shocked, but immediately came back with the reply "Well, I don't ever remember sucking your c*ck!" to which the women was beside herself with embarrassment. The sight of her getting her comeuppance for her homophobia was wonderful to behold!

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