re: Should they not be?
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Once the focus is on the tourist dollar, we get tons of jukebox and movie-to-stage musicals; we get Hollywood D-listers treated like they are theater stars; we get astronomical ticket pricing, boorish tourist behavior, food and drinks sold in the aisles and allowed at seats, and plays that all close within a year.

We get a Best Musical closing at a loss because it's about a topic tourists avoid (the challenging life of a Black gay man); we get KPop. We get an engine of NYC's economy that suffers every time tourists don't come for some reason (pandemic, terrorism, etc). We get a generation of NYers who don't consider the theater an entertainment to grow up enjoying as a family.

Bway is the now Las Vegas of the East, sucking as much money from tourists that it can. Whether that's a good or bad thing is an individual decision.

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