re: Should they not be?
Posted by: Ann 03:17 pm EST 11/16/22
In reply to: re: Should they not be? - Zelgo 02:34 pm EST 11/16/22

I still ask, what do you want them to do?

Broadway is continuing to try to be a mainstream entertainment - the audience (and their available choices of entertainment) has changed. In the Golden Age, audiences liked the classic shows, with plots and good, original scores, etc. And they dressed better for Broadway (and for restaurants, airplane travel, and everything else), behaved better (not equating watching TV at home with being in a public place), could sit for an hour or two without eating, and didn't drink so much water. They are in a minority now.

If you want to just stop catering to mainstream audiences, fine, but I can only imagine how many Broadway theaters would have to close.

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