re: Should they not be?
Posted by: ryhog 04:02 pm EST 11/16/22
In reply to: re: Should they not be? - Ann 03:17 pm EST 11/16/22

It's impossible to fully analyze what we have presently without a historical lens but I think it is fair to say that we have an amalgam that somehow keeps the fabulous invalid on its feet. And it is synergistic: without the garbage, semi-garbage, and mainstream entertainment (that is not garbage), we would not have the bold, challenging, culturally important, and otherwise amazing stuff that we get to see and that upholds the pedigree (i.e., that takes the wind out of the sails of those who would label Broadway as Vegas {which is nonsense imo}. People (here, and almost everywhere else) are addicted to the binary, but very few things in life (and virtually nothing in the arts) require an either/or choice. Generalities were invented by Satan . :-)

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