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I thought the second act rapport between Michelle and Karimloo was surprisingly effective. Agree about Madame Feldshuh, what a formidable and appealing stage presence. But all in all, a rather tired production of a musical that didn't have much of an idea of why it needed to have a revival.

I was tickled by the efforts to wake up or goose the audience during the plodding second act: a confetti gun aimed into the audience and Mr. Karimloo showing off his washboard abs.

The strangest bit of the whole show was the "Private Schvartz from Rock-a-way" number. Somewhere in between not funny and racist... a form of old fashioned popular ethnic stereotyping that the Broadway audience of the 1960's would understand very well and probably enjoy nostalgically but which is hard to understand today. Its inclusion with no re-thinking was a clue as to how dull witted this revival was.

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