re: Should they not be?
Posted by: WaymanWong 07:24 pm EST 11/16/22
In reply to: re: Should they not be? - Zelgo 02:34 pm EST 11/16/22

Based on last week's grosses (for 6 shows), ''KPOP'' doesn't appear to be an automatic ''tourist'' draw: $134,438 (avg. ticket: $37.17).

Still, I'm looking forward to ''KPOP'' for diversity's sake and because it promises to bring a fresh sound to the Great White Way.

Not to mention an all-Asian cast doing pop music, 18 of whom will be making their Broadway debuts.

Granted, I know next to nothing about this genre. I'd probably mix up BTS with a BLT. But I'm willing to give ''KPOP'' a hearing.
Link Playbill.com: Watch a Sneak Peek of Broadway's 'KPOP'

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